National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Sustainable Agriculture Program works with agricultural communities to break down the culture barriers to adoption of sustainable agriculture practices. The program works from a ground-up approach, directly working with farmers and ranchers, as well as conservation outreach professionals. We provide communications and message training to better equip innovators with the skills to reach non-adopters. NWF works with other leading conservation organizations through coalitions and multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance support for sustainable agriculture production, sourcing and financing.

As our Agriculture Program Coordinator you will take the lead in multiple aspects of NWF’s sustainable agriculture program. You will lead the training and education of NWF’s Cover Crop Champions, which is a peer to peer farmer outreach program across the Upper Mississippi River Basin and Great Lakes regions. This includes conducting an annual training for new champions, providing on-going support, education, and group facilitation, and development of information and messaging to improve outreach effectiveness. In addition, you will also lead in maintaining the team’s listserv and online presence to facilitate ongoing communication with program participants. Additionally, you will assist in outreach and trainings for conservation outreach professionals across the country on improving farmer communications. Other related tasks will include fundraising, grant writing, developing factsheets, surveys, and other assigned projects.

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