Partner Highlights

Women in Conservation Leadership works with many organizations to elevate and embolden women in the environmental movement.  Throughout the year we feature the work our partners do to uplift women across the world.

Gorongosa National Park 

Gorongosa National Park is one of Africa’s greatest wildlife restoration stories. The animal populations in the National Park suffered greatly from the Mozambican Civil War. By adopting a 21st century conservation model of balancing the needs of wildlife and people, the National Park is protecting and saving this beautiful wilderness, and returning it to its rightful place as one of Africa’s greatest parks. The Park has many excellent programs but the Girls Club focuses specifically on keeping girls in school. Particularly in rural Mozambique, girls do not have a voice in the community and are vulnerable to child marriage. The Girls Club provides supplemental education from reading and arithmetic to wildlife conservation lessons. The longer a child remains in school, the better chance she, her children, and even her children’s children, have for success.

Recently the Park has begun a new project – Gorongosa Coffee. In 2015 Gorongosa National Park partnered with local farmers to grow coffee on Mount Gorongosa. Alongside the coffee plants, the farmers plant rainforest trees to continue restoration efforts. The mountain’s unique micro-climate provides a nutrient-rich topsoil that delivers a great tasting, high-quality Arabica coffee bean.  The Park set up Gorongosa Coffee to funnel 100% of the profits back into the Park to create local jobs, educate young girls and protect wildlife. You can help support the Park by purchasing Gorongosa Coffee.