Meet Angie Rosser: Advocating for a Brighter Future

Meet Angie Rosser: Advocating for a Brighter Future

“We are bound together for one movement.”

Angie Rosser of the West Virginia Rivers Coalition has dedicated herself to a life of advocacy. During the early part of her career Angie worked against gender based violence; helping women and children feel safe at home. Themes of justice, safety, and security inspired her passion to help people feel safe in their environment too. Above all else, she believes that everyone deserves to be protected from environmental harm.

Inspiration for Work

Angie says this work feels personal to her because she gets to “protect what she loves”. Her affinity for the outdoors started at a young age when she would go on family vacations centered around water and fishing. As she got older, she developed a consciousness around our collective responsibility to be good stewards.

Work Experience

Being a lobbyist during the onslaught of the fracking boom in West Virginia was a defining moment for her interest in environmental advocacy. In West Virginia, fracking exposes rural communities to water, air, and light pollution. In fact, 24/7 industrial lighting causes stars to no longer be visible in the sky near these homes. Since then, Angie has felt propelled to bring the stars back and give rural communities a voice against industrial-political powers.

Insights from the Women in Conservation Leadership Summit

As a participant in the National Wildlife Federation 2017 Women in Conservation Leadership Summit, Angie gained a deeper awareness for the different layers of complexity women face in the conservation community. She says that even though we face struggles in different ways, “we are bound together for one movement.” Further, she learned about the importance of being vulnerable and speaking her truth. In her own career, Angie is passionate about creating safe spaces for women to listen and share their stories. 

Advice to Other Women in Conservation

Angie advises women in this movement to pursue work environments and mentors that support their professional and personal goals. She encourages women to not only seek opportunities that build skills, but also find spaces to create and hone in on what they excel at. By applying these tools in her own career, Angie has been able to use her voice and vulnerability to challenge injustices when she sees them.