The Women in Conservation Leadership Webinar series focuses on skill building, and professional development in the conservation community. If you are interested in presenting on an upcoming webinar please contact us at wclinfo@nwf.org.

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We are working on setting up more webinars. Check back soon for more information.

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Making professional connections is a critical skill for successful leaders.  Your network can be one of the most effective means of support in attaining your goals and caring for your well-being, even as you deal with leadership and personal challenges.  And contrary to popular belief, it’s not the size of your network that counts.  It is select, diverse and deep connections that make a difference.  We will share how to develop a new mindset about networking and learn to value, nurture and sustain your connections, while giving something back in return.

Speaker:  Nancy Lamberton, a facilitator and certified executive leadership coach at The Nebo Company, is passionate about working with clients, especially women leaders, to increase their capacity to be inspiring leaders and make a difference in their organizations, communities and the world.


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