The Women in Conservation Leadership Webinar series focuses on skill building, and professional development in the conservation community. If you are interested in presenting on an upcoming webinar please contact us at wclinfo@nwf.org.

Upcoming Webinars

OULA Exercise Class: Join Deb O’Neill and Emilie Lenoir for OULA, a mind-body fitness class. OULA is a high energy workout that combines the depth and soulfulness of a mind-body practice with the carefree playfulness of a living room dance party. It’s dancemania for the soul! OULA Fitness works to redefine the way we think about fitness by empowering women to trust ourselves, our bodies, and each other through integration of the mind and body for full-being health. For more information watch this amazing, short video about OULA: https://oulafitness.wistia.com/medias/0r5m7miutt or go to go to https://www.oulafitness.com/. You can also contact Deb at doneill@mt.gov for more information.  Deb works as a planning and policy specialist with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Always outside, she was never one to join a gym or partake in fitness classes. That changed when she found OULA in 2013. When asked about OULA, she will tell anyone that it was the women – the community – that had her coming back. It had nothing to do with the actual activity. She became an OULA instructor in 2016 to spread the OULA love. Emilie Lenoir has been an OULA instructor for over a year and plans to spread the OULA love at the University of California Santa Cruz this fall, where she will be studying environmental policy and science.

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle and prepare to have fun!


Our Gorongosa Film Screening:

We are offering a virtual film screening of Our Gorongosa. The film covers the story of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. After a decade of renewed protection, Gorongosa’s large mammal population has increased 10-fold to over 100,000 animals.  But bringing wildlife back is only part of the challenge. The Park must find a way to co-exist with the 200,000 people living in surrounding communities. Through the lens of Gorongosa, we explore one of the most important and urgent questions of our time: what will it take to sustain Africa’s human population and save its remaining wild places. I will send out a link for the the film, which will be available from July 29th – August 5th for you to watch at your leisure. We will host a Q & A session with Larissa Sousa, Gorongosa National Park Girls Education Program Manager, on Monday August 3rd from 10-11am ET. I know this is early for folks on the west coast so we will be recording the session and sharing out a link. Please register for the Q&A session here.

Recorded Webinars

Making professional connections is a critical skill for successful leaders.  Your network can be one of the most effective means of support in attaining your goals and caring for your well-being, even as you deal with leadership and personal challenges.  And contrary to popular belief, it’s not the size of your network that counts.  It is select, diverse and deep connections that make a difference.  We will share how to develop a new mindset about networking and learn to value, nurture and sustain your connections, while giving something back in return.

Speaker:  Nancy Lamberton, a facilitator and certified executive leadership coach at The Nebo Company, is passionate about working with clients, especially women leaders, to increase their capacity to be inspiring leaders and make a difference in their organizations, communities and the world.


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